Address presentation

Please do we have a convention on how to display patient address in Patient Data Management OWA?

Currently I am trying to display it like below:

Address: test addresse Address 2: wwww City/Village: City4402 State/Province: State0969t Country: Country4402 Postal Code: 234

I am not sure this is the right way.

cc @darius , @dkayiwa

@chibujax2, the layout formats for names and addresses are configured as part of the implementation process. Specifically the address one is stored as a Global Property (aka Advanced Setting) named layout.address.format, and you can fetch this (in an awkward way) by doing

GET .../systemsetting/layout.address.format

I think you should introduce a new (read-only) REST endpoint that returns the layout in an easily consumable json format. Maybe something like:

GET .../configuration/addresslayout

(@burke, I’m proposing a new convention here. thoughts welcome!)

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@chibujax2 and just to give you some more information in regards to address customizations:

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Thank you @dkayiwa I am happy I read the wiki, I now understand much about the address template. The little confusion is on how to fetch GET .../systemsetting/layout.address.format mentioned by @darius I will really appreciate if I could get more explanation on how to fetch the configured template in order to render the address properly.

@chibujax2 did you first of all see the result returned on making that REST call?

Yes @dkayiwa For some reasons, it refused to run on localhost, but when I ran it online( with module-refs), it worked and returned result. I will pick it up from there, thank you, solved :smile:

@chibujax2 are you running the same version of the webservices module locally as online?

Yes @dkayiwa , I figured out that the problem came from my standalone app, but I have fixed that too

Also @dkayiwa the get method (GET …/systemsetting/layout.address.format) from @darius is not in the wiki Was it omitted intentionally?

@chibujax2 very good question and it is the reason why we decided to go for the online swagger docs that are generated on the fly. That way, we do not need a wiki page to keep maintaining and hence run the risk of missing the latest additions, like the one you have just pointed out. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa can we have this link on the wiki? Because mere googling of “OpenMrs rest API” takes you to the wiki, by that we can redirect to the proper link.

How about editing the wiki and mention the fact that the latest can be got by that link from a running instance?

@dkayiwa Will this be ok, including the link?

We have migrated to online swagger documentation that is generated on the fly. Please visit

The link I provided seems to work for logged in users only. Should I go ahead and update the wiki?

Use the link for the demo server “” which has an obvious user name and password.

Done. Thank you @dkayiwa :slight_smile: