Address Hierarchy 2.9 Release for Reference Application 2.4 Release

@dkayiwa has requested that address hierarchy be made part of the Reference Application 2.4 release.

@mogoodrich updated this module to version 2.9. Can the module owner for address hierarchy release this module for inclusion in reference application 2.4 release and update Reference Application 2.4 Release Issue Tracking? This thread can also be updated when the module is released.

Also openmrs-distro-referenceapplication version 2.4 will have to be updated to include address hierarchy. Can the module owner make this change as well and indicate on this thread when this change has been made?

@burke and @darius are keen to see reference application 2.4 released to UAT shortly and hence these changes are of immediate need.

@maurya, can you note, that this is possibly a blocker to release of reference application to UAT.

There is no need to release a new version of this module because there has not been any changes since version 2.8 I have also just added it to the reference application module distro. So not a blocker any more!

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@dkayiwa, thanks

Historically we have not included the addresshierarchy module in the reference application because it’s not applicable across all settings, although it’s definitely useful in lots of places. So it works great as an add-on.

What is the driver for including it in the reference application now?

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I think I agree with Darius, I see no compelling reason to add it

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