Address and Phone Number missing when registering a patient

I remind that I’m testing on uat01 version. When we want to register a patient in form we don’t see ‘Address’ and ‘Phone Number’. It’s intended or can I report a bug?

There are actually 2 apps for registering a patient. One that does not include Address and Phone Number (basic) and the other that does. You can disable/enable those apps at to choose whatever you prefer.

Could you please find a proper place in docs and add that info if it is missing?

Ok, I did it here :slight_smile:


I think this counts as advanced configuration that is distracting to have on the main page.

Can you please move that snippet into


I moved this, but don’t you think that link to Reference Application should be mention in main document?

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Sorry, I don’t quite understand the question.

If you’re suggesting that the main document should have a link to Configuring The Reference Application in the main documentation for a release (e.g. ) then I agree with that. I suggest adding a section after “Required Initial Configuration” called “Advanced Configuration” that briefly says you can configure a whole lot more, and then links to the other page.


Regards, Tomasz