Addon-Manager UI redesign

Hey guys, On the current User interface of the Addon manager whenever a user scrolls down there is no sticky nav bar and the user only has to scroll back to the top for navigation. I have created two sets of mockups giving the app a sticky nav bar and an option to scroll back to the top. we would like your suggestions and views on this issue.

The current state without a sticky nav bar;

Two of my suggestions are ; one with a search bar ;

and one without a search bar;

@dkayiwa @malmike @patrick @annette @afrocode @mkiterian @elbertbiggs360 @ebuka

I think the one with the search button looks much better

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I totally agree with @annette on this one, having a search button on the sticky navbar means better experience for the user, as they do not have to scroll back up to search for a addon. The back to top button makes a lot of sense too. The second mockup is a better choice for me.

so you prefer the one with both search bar and back to top???

Yes @justmesam It gives the user more options without necessarily getting them confused. That works for me.

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For better user experience, the one with search buttton is better.