Addon Manager Sprint #3 Demo date poll

Hi everyone,

As we come to a close of AOM sprint #3 announced here: Add-on Manager Sprint 3 Announcement, we would like to invite you all to the demo. Please vote for your preferred date for the demo in this poll:

Hi everyone, Due to a public holiday in Kenya (today) and the national elections (Thursday), we have rescheduled the Addon Manager Sprint 3 demo for Friday the 27th, between 3 - 4pm, Nairobi time (UTC + 3). Sorry for any inconvenience, please join us then.

Hi everyone, Just a reminder. The demo is in 30 mins. Will be sharing the link to the demo shortly. Ya’ll are welcome! :smile:

Link to the Demo

Here is a recording of the demo. Please have a look, thanks Try out the functionalities in the refapp