Additional icon suggestions?

At PIH we’ve been adding new functionality that we feel require icons that are not included in FontAwesome. Upgrading FontAwesome ( will help, but even then I’m not sure we will have all the icons we need. Many common icons (fingerprint, awareness ribbons etc…) have been requested for years and still not added.

I’m wondering if anyone else is feeling similarly restricted by FontAwesome and are using or thought of using additional resources? There are many other icon resources (e.g. and others) that have more than we might ever need.


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We’d have to be careful to follow the terms (e.g., most of the icons from thenounproject are CC and require attribution). Maybe a maven and/or npm script where you provide the icon name and the icon is automatically added to resources and an attribution file updated.

If we were going to adopt something to supplement fontawesome, I’d prefer it be one thing (for consistency) and it be very popular (not likely to disappear or become a niche product over the next decade).