Additional/custom fields in user

Question: Hello all, We have a requirement to save registration number for every doctor. It is used in medical documents, for example. Each doctor is a system user so it seems like we need a custom field for a user - is it possible? Or maybe there’s a better way to store such information. Thanks in advance for advices!

Which exact OpenMRS distribution, and version, are you using?

Ozone 3.0.0 beta 16

Hi @rsytnik , have you tried using the patient identifier type? image

if your requirement is for audit purpose to know which doctor worked on which file, each encounter has a provider assigned to it and every patient registration has a creator assigned to it. Can you use a custom report to generate this information?


Each user has an associated person object, and person objects support custom attributes called person attributes. You could use those to store the doctor’s registration number.