Adding / Updating Locations in 0.87

Hello, I am unable to add or update locations as it seems there is a requirement for an address now, however; I am unable to see any textboxes to enter the data.

Thank you in advance. Denise

Can you share your Address Template configuration which you can get it from Manage Address Templates page.


thank you @swathi

Can you share complete address template xml. Looks like you have a < requiredElements tag in your address template. Please refer OpenMRS Wiki for more understanding.

Thank you. I understand what you are saying but I just don’t see any “required” tag. This is the complete information that is showing in the GUI. address heirachy for locations.txt (1.0 KB) please let me know if you need me to find the .xml file.

Hi @dnelson, Go to Manage Address Hierarchy page and change the Required tab for Village to NO. Now try updating the location and let us know if you are still facing the issue.

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Thank you @binduak, that did take care of the problem however, it seems it is different logic then in the past? It’s seems to be somewhat of a “logical” error to me…I have that Address1 is required for patients but I don’t need to have that for the Locations of the clinic. So in order to make it work, I had to make the address1 optional. Maybe I’m missing something? Thank you for your thoughts.