Adding Observations to report

For some time now I’ve been trying to add observations such as height, weight, diagnosis and so on to a row-per-patient report but haven’t been able to do so. Please any advice as to how to go about it?

Did you get a chance to look at this?

Yes, I went through that page on the wiki.

Can you share what you have so far done using the demo server?

Okay. I’ve created a row-per-patient dataset with name “Untitled” on the demo server

Can you share a direct link (url) to it?

Okay. This is the link: . You’ll see a dataset definition named “Untitled”…That’s the one I created.

Can you also share a screenshot of what i should expect to see?

This is the Screenshot. From the picture, you can see that the height didn’t come out as expected.

What should happen when some one has more than one observation? For instance, if one has 3 values for height.

In such scenario, the last recorded height should be fetched.

When defining this database, what field or property do you use for the height?

I created the height column using data definition. Under data definition, I used the concept name “Height (cm)” as the field. I then added the data definition to the data set definition as I did with all other data definitions(ID, Name etc).

The demo server got reset. Do you mind quickly setting that up again on such that i have a look and advise accordingly?

Okay, I’ll do that right away.

This is the link: The name of the dataset definition is “Untitled”

Can you do one where the height column has values like in your earlier screenshot?

Same thing I tried, but this time, the results are different