Adding new "SummaryDashboard" and "AppList" page templates to Core Apps

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just pushed up a first pass at adding two new configurable page templates to the Core Apps module, the “AppList” page and the “SummaryDashboard” page.

The “Summary Dashboard” page is basically just a copy of the Clinician-facing dashboard with the patient-centric functionality removed. It allows implementers to define a new dashboard that can operate outside of a patient context, and then add dashboard widgets to that dashboard. In particular, we are planning to use this dashboard to create “Program Summary” dashboards for our programs, which will display key indicators like patients currently enrolled, outcome distributions, etc. (I’m starting to work on some dashboard widgets that will work in this context now).

The “AppList” page is basically a generic version of the System Administration page, allowing implementers to create a “submenu” page ilke the System Administration page and then configure what apps appear on it.

The two tickets for these new features are:

RA-1428 RA-1429

Feel free to add your comments/thoughts/questions about this potential new functionality.

Take care, Mark