Adding Members to the OpenMRS NPM organization

I was looking to add @joeldenning as a member of the NPM OpenMRS but I don’t see how, which I’m guessing is because I don’t have rights?

@darius @pascal @raff do any of you get the option to add a team member when you go to this page? If so, can anyone/does anyone know how to give me full rights?

@mogoodrich The UI is very confusing. You have to go to Teams, and then add him as a member of the developers team.

@darius I just tried that, and it said I can’t make him a member of the developers team because he’s not a member of the org…

Hmm it looks like there should be an “invite users” button there, but it isn’t. So maybe Mark isn’t an owner of the npm organization?

@mogoodrich @darius @pascal @raff any update on this? I’d like to start publishing some modules and would rather put them under the @openmrs scope if possible.

@cintiadr, @burke, it seems like Mark and I are not able to invite new members, even though we have ‘admin’ role of the openmrs organization in npm.

The user ‘openmrs-bot’ has ‘owner’ role. Do either of you have the power to log in as that user, and to invite @joeldenning? (Joel, is your npm username the same as your openmrs id?)

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Yes, we have that user in our password manager.

I made @darius and @mogoodrich owners too, I suppose that would work?

My username on npm is joeldenning

Thanks @cintiadr! It seems pretty silly that ‘admin’ can’t invite new members…

@joeldenning I invited you.

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Awesome, thanks!

@darius I didn’t see the invite email until now, and the invite has now expired :sleepy:. Could you please resend?

Odd that it didn’t display as expired in the website. I just invited you again as username joeldenning.

Thanks, I accepted the invite and am in the npm .org now.