Adding data using forms


We are using openmrs forms to store data. We are using open mrs as rest module using openmrs sdk. we created form using end point. /form

We are not able to see any documentation to see how to add data to the forms using rest module. Please help to understand how to add data to forms and save it to keep associated with the person or patient.

hello @prasadreddy

we normally use the htmlformentry framework to create forms for capturing patient related data

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thank you @gcliff for inputs. We are developing an rest api which consume openmrs rest module to use openmrs-core. from there we want to add data using forms. Do we have any reference document to know how to add data to forms from rest application

am not personally aware of one in this particular use case

@prasadreddy how about this? OpenMRS Docs

there we have only to create forms. adding data is not mentioned

Data is what we call Observations.

We have OpenMRS Docs for creating observation but details of form are not mentioned while creating observation. Can you help like which service do we need to use to save data entered into form?

@prasadreddy does this help for the forms bit ?OpenMRS Docs

@gcliff there it is only defined to create form. but we are looking to save data using the form. that particular end points are not exposed

@prasadreddy how about the end-point for updating a form after creating it

@gcliff update form is to modify the properties of the form. we cannot save values to form using that

the best option is see is to use a form framework Forms - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

@dkayiwa WDYT ?

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@prasadreddy is this of help? OpenMRS Docs

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it helped @dkayiwa . thank you