Adding an additional table through the module

Hello, I have created an additional table through my module. However, I am unable to save / retrieve data. I have created an additional Hibernate file, modified liquibase and added the class files, Service, DAO, Hibernate and ServiceImpl files…

At first I got the error ‘Service not found’ and I copied the following lines (from moduleApplicationContext.xml) and replaced ‘drugorders’ with ‘medicationplans’ which is the name of my second class

However I still get the entity not found error - org.openmrs.module.drugorders.medicationplans

Could anyone please let me know what i am missing…

Following - applicationContext.txt (1.1 KB)

Can you paste the entire stack trace or log at for inspection?

Thank you. Here is the link

Here is drugorders.hbm.xml

ok. There was some xml validation error - I fixed it by replacing <property with <many-to-one

< many-to-one name=“durationunits” class=“org.openmrs.Concept” column=“durationunits” /> < many-to-one name=“route” class=“org.openmrs.Concept” column=“route” /> < many-to-one name=“frequency” class=“org.openmrs.OrderFrequency” column=“frequency” />

However, it still fails with Service not found: interface org.openmrs.module.drugorders.api.medicationplansService

though I have this file

@Transactional public interface medicationplansService extends OpenmrsService{ public medicationplans saveNewTable(medicationplans newTable); }

Its fixed -modified applicationContext file to include the bean for the second service… Thank you for checking!