Adding Additional Person Attributes to XForm Registration Screen

I have created a number of person attributed related to Next of Kin (name, relationship, address, phone number) and need to add these to the registration form.

I clearly see how to add new fields to the form but the binding (where I guess I create the relationship to the new attribute) is grayed out.

What am I missing?

The binding is grayed out because you are not supposed to change it. :slight_smile:

So how do I tell the form that additional fields that I have added relate to the additional person attributes?

All fields should be added via the form schema screen and have the form designer refresh to pick the new ones. If you add them via the form designer, the engine will not be able to tell where they are to be saved.


I must be particularly obtuse. For the registration screen the only place I can find to edit the Xform is Administration/Xforms/Patient XForm Design unfortunately here there is just the visual design stiff and no schema definition.

If I go to the general Adminstration/Manage Forms link where schema changes are possible there is no mention of the Patient (Registration) Form just Admission, Basic form etc

So where do I go to modify the schema associated with the registration form and how does this tie back to extra patient attributes that I created using Administration/Person/Manage Person Attribute Types?

If you added extra person attribute types, then go to Administration/Patient Xform Registration. While in the form designer, right click under Form Fields and select Refresh. Tell me if the new person attribute types do not show up.

Got it. So easy when you know how. Please close the thread.

@mafrica feel free to edit the wiki pages as you see fit. It has been a while since when they were last updated and hence some could be out of sync. Some other parts may just need to be made clearer. :slight_smile:

Will do, thanks again