Adding a separate vitals page/location

I would like to add a dedicated location (page?) for taking vitals. Basically similar and next to the registration and clinical locations.

Do I need to copy/paste the registration or clinical folder within the bahmni_config directory or is there another way to achieve this?


@cine Do you mean on the home landing page, you would like another icon for Vitals, which a person can use to click on, and dive into Vitals section?

Yes. Ideally tied to a login location.

Checking… Do you just want to add a shortcut for Vitals that navigates to Patient dashboard and Consultation? I am guessing you would want the behaviour of dashboard/consultation to be different when someone is navigating via Vital’s shortcut over Clinical shortcut. By tied to location you mean, if someone logs into a location then only show him vital’s shortcut?

Yes for your question about someone logging into a location and then only seeing/entering the vitals. So registration process is already completed earlier, but the patient is not yet seen by clinical providers.

@cine, to check, is your goal exactly the same as the “Capture Vitals” app that’s in the OpenMRS Reference Application?

E.g. a repeated workflow where a users does (1) find patient record, (2) record vitals, (next patient)? But they don’t see the full record?

I don’t know the reference app, but from your description: yes.

Currently in Bahmni the individual display controls on patient and visit dashboard cannot be privilege protected like consultation tabs (which can be). But this should be something that can be tackled as part of making dashboards context aware (like discussed in another thread by you).

Is suggest that the “cyclical workflow of repeatedly filling out one form for each patient” scenario that happens at visit capture/triage desks is a common thing, and is worth approaching it as its own unique thing (and not just a customization of the patient and visit dashboard).

I agree about the common thing; at least for most (all) the clinics I know.

So I try to figure what my best options for now are:

  1. Keeping the vitals capture together with the patient registration and establish/document a “manual workflow” for the users. Then at the registration counter only the first part of the registration is done and at the vitals counter the clerks will search for the patient again and need to enter the second half / vitals.
  2. Remove the vitals capture from the registration process and add a dedicated consultation tab to the clinical dashboard? (I haven’t tried this yet, so not sure if I miss something here.)

Or can someone think about another option here?

Yes those are the two options. Actually I wasn’t thinking about the first one, but yes that’s another option.

OK. Thanks Vivek. I’m going to try it and see how far I can get.

Can the vitals capture app be used for multiple vitals recording for an . in-patient? Actually without closing the visit?