Adding a sass compiler to Ref App


I am trying to add bootstrap 4 to the ref app. However, for customization, I need to use the source files not compiled css and js. The source files require additional tooling ie Sass compiler and Autoprefixer. How do I add the sass compiler?

cc: @ssmusoke

@nagadya To which module are you trying to add the SASS? Have you checked if this can be done in You can generate them in there and use them in Ref App

@ssmusoke how’s it done in uicommons module am stuck in this point.

Start by adding the compiled Javascript and CSS files only - the SASS compiler can follow in another iteration

@ssmusoke Hm is it compiled with ruby ? Because cahnges on the scss files are not reflected for me after running mvn clean install with the pom file in sass folder in ui-commons

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