Adding a non openmrs organisation logo to a new openmrs module!

Am wondering whether creating an OpenMRS module that would be shared with the public/community comes with any ui/ownership restrictions! Say for-example if an OpenMRS service provider or distribution wrote a new module and added their logo to its footer in all its pages, would this be acceptable or not?

We would not bundle a module that shows an additional logo in the Reference Application, or any official OpenMRS release. Especially a company’s logo. (I don’t know if we have an official policy on this, but at least it’s my strong opinion.)

Anyone is allowed to write whatever code they want, and if other people like it they will use it. And if someone wrote an awesome module that is freely available, but has a “KaweesiCorp” logo, then I would expect a lot of people would use it. And it could go in the Module Repository, have a wiki page, etc.

So, what exactly do you mean by “acceptable”? To whom, and in what context? (Or have I answered your question already?)