Adding a custom widget to patient dashboard

Hi all,

I am trying to explore a way to add a custom widget to coreapps patient dashboard. OpenMRS allows extending the dasboard via extension point like this. The fragment though imports coreapps dashboardWidgets.js. The widgets are compiled in a javascript file via node js and starting point is this where all widgets are being added to widget map and which then process all widgets in corresponding folder.

Is there a way to add a custom widget following similar approach in coreapps dashboard without adding custom fragment into our own module i.e. add a custom widget of our own module to coreapps widget factory. There is some documentation around this here but it is missing details on adding custom widget to coreapps dashboard.


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Just to make sure that i understand your problem. You know how to do it via adding a custom fragment into your own module. But you just do not like that approach?