Adding a Child pages section to a new Page

In OpenMRS wiki, I’ve seen a child page section in the bottom of some pages. How can I add a Child page section to a new page that I’ve created in my personal space. Or is it auto generated?


You can add the “child page” macro using the menu while editing the page, and place it where you wish in the page you’re editing.

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Michael, I searched on the “Other macros” wizard. I couldn’t find a macro named “child page”. But there is a macro named “Children Display”. But I couldn’t use that as well.

“Children Display” is in fact the correct macro. Make sure you specify the parent page, or you won’t have any bullet points.

I tried with “Children Display”. Seems like i don’t have the permission to select the parent page. There appears “page cannot be rendered”.

Please create a help desk case for further assistance.

Thanks Michael, I will.