Adding a Calendar image to HTML form entry Date Fields

Has anyone been able to add a calendar image to forms built with HTML form entry. They currently look like ordinary text fields, adding a calendar image would make them stand out and simplify data entry

I have always used the built-in date-picker. I assume you could override this calendar somehow programmatically with your custom module. This of course is NOT my area of expertise.

FYI: Before you decide to throw out the text fields, consider that this works most efficiently for keyboard-based data-entry.

datetimepicker is a good one. it has an image on it.

Anyone who has got an idea about this ?

Did you evaluate the previous responses?

If you wanna use the modern datetimepicker, consider using the new htmlformentry tag: <obsFromFragment/>.

Something like:

<obsFromFragment conceptId="CIEL:123" provider="uicommons" fragment="field/datetimepicker" fragmentParams="formFieldName=my-date&amp;label=My+Date&amp;useTime=true" /> 
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