Add support for more languages in OpenMRS Android Client App

Hello all,

I am interested in the OpenMRS Android Client Project and I am actively contributing to it for the past two months.

I am interested in adding support for more languages in the app. Presently the app supports two languages - English and Hindi. I think we should add more languages so that people who are not much comfortable with these two languages can also use the app.

I had a question as to which language should I add first?

Any other suggestions are most welcome.

cc @grace @herbert24 @rishabh997 @saurabh.

well this can come at a time when you have succeeded at participating in GSOC 2021,before we get here.we expect GSOCERS to be working on their proposals

Thanks for the suggestion @herbert24. I am working on my proposal and thought of working on this issue side by side. But no issues, I will take this up later.