Add-on Manager Sprint 7 Announcement

Hi everyone, for this sprint we will be finishing up on feature development for the Addon Manager OWA in addition to bug fixes and adding tests.


  • Finish up on feature development for the Addon Manager OWA
  • Bug fixes
  • Adding tests

Start Date: 03 Jan 2018 End Date: 12 Jan 2018


Development Team

  1. Annette Sunday
  2. Michael Male
  3. Patrick Luboobi
  4. Bruce Bigirwenkya
  5. Samuel Wanjiru
  6. Ebuka Umeh

Great work here :slight_smile:

I have a few suggestions to improve this addon,

  • Modules are listed in the table, but I am getting some errors in the Web Console. Did you check that one?
  • We need to keep the consistency among the names. Some places it mentioned as “Add-On” and some other place, It mentioned as “Add-on” (small ‘o’).
  • When we are scrolling the screen to up, the corners of the header shows some white backgrounds :smiley: . Can you fix the background color of those corners?

When I select the View, The next screen need some UI changes

  • There is no window title for the section. So can we put something like “AddOn Information” ?
  • Status is only indicated by the Green color circle. It will not express the running state information clearly. So can we attach “Running” along with the green circle?
  • We haven’t use the grey background for the OWA, So can we remove that background color?
  • “Back to All Add-Ons” can be changed to “Back to Add-Ons List” which can indicate the action clearly.

CC : @dkayiwa

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@suthagar23 Hey, Thank you for the suggestions for improving the user interface of the addon. I have worked on most of your suggestions but after discussing with my team we are opposed to adding the running along with the green circle. It is clear as it is since while the module is running it’s a green circle and its red when a module is stopped.Adding running will be redundant and repetitive.

Sounds good! Find to me :smile: Hope to see the updated OWA in the refapp.

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