Add-on Manager Sprint 3 Announcement


  • This sprint is preceded by Add-on Manager Sprint 2
  • We’ll be working on adding drag and drop functionality to OWA installation, enabling one to install openmrs modules, in addition to just open web apps and fixing add-on search bugs


  • Implement drag and drop feature for the OWA upload section
  • Fix search description bug
  • More descriptive information when installing already existing addons
  • Add a switch to filter display by OWA or OMOD type
  • Inform users of updates on OWA and OMOD addons

Start Date: 09-10-2017 End Date: 23-10-2017


Github repo: Jira board: Wiki:

Development team

  1. Herman Sifuna ( @mkiterian )
  2. Tolulope Duyile ( @afrocode )