Add On Manager Sprint 2 Announcement

Overview: Hi everyone, In this sprint, we’ll be fixing a few bugs in the add-on manager app that we built in the last sprint. We would also be adding the feature to search and install apps from OpenMRS online index of applications.

Objectives: Fix bugs Improve UI/UX to accommodate “search and install” Create the functionalities for search and install of add-ons from the online index Get the app ready for release

Start Date: 19/09/2017 End Date: 03/10/2017

JIRA Board:

Github Repo:

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We’ll be announcing a poll next week to determine the day & time for the sprint demo

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Awesome work by Andela team :slight_smile: I just went through the Demo OWA and found some issues related to the demo version. I have created the issues regarding them.

  1. AOM - 33 : Fix the different style of OpenMRS breadcrumbs in the Add-On Manager. We are using some different style of breadcrumbs in the OpenMRS OWA. Usually, It should come between the header and the body part. But in the Add-Ons Manager OWA, It is located inside the body part. So It should be moved between the header and body part as usual.

  2. AOM - 34 : Different styles used for the Add-Ons Manager OWA. Currently, we have the uicommons module with pre-defined styles for the OWA or we can manually inject the pre-defined CSS files to our OWAs. It will be easy to manage all the OWAs into one UI styles. But the Add-Ons Manager express something different styles like,

  3. Big buttons differ from the usual buttons styles

  4. Normal button sizes differ from the usual buttons styles

  5. Font styles and sizes differ from the usual font styles It should be modified as usual to maintain the unique UI part among the OpenMRS OWAs.

  6. AOM - 35 : Implement drag and drop feature for the OWA upload section. Currently, Drag and Drop feature is most wanted everywhere. We can achieve this task using most of the web technologies. We have already implemented this feature to System administration OWA, So better to introduce that feature to here also.

  7. AOM - 36 : Remove the Clear Addon button when the files is not selected. We don’t need the Clear Addon button in the UI for all time, It is only needed when the user selects some OWA to upload. So better to hide this button in other scenarios and show only when it is required. We can improve with upload button also. If the user selects some OWA to upload, then show the Upload button to the users. It will increase the user experience from the end user’s view

CC : @dkayiwa and @kingisaac95

@suthagar23 Thank you very much for taking your time to review our work and also for writing out these discrepancies that needs to be fixed. My team and I really appreciate your actionable feedback and we’ll see to it that these issues you have raised are taken care of. We hope to make all our designs consistent with all other OWA applications. Thanks again.

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If you create a talk thread for Add-on manager OWA discussions, then we all can participate at there :slight_smile: It will be summarized your works at there also

Let’s have that here