Add On Manager OWA Discussions

A thread for discussions regarding the development of Add On Manager.

cc: @darius, @dkayiwa, @suthagar23, @jeiddiah, @upendo @millicent

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Mentioned improvements for Add On Manager OWA :slight_smile:

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@suthagar23, Nice work. Thank you for the feedback. We shall work on this before the sprint ends. However @dkayiwa, what do you think about this?

Add On Manager OWA is needed for managing OWAs in the OpenMRS server. Users will only use the Manage Setting at the beginning or if they want to change something at there. Apart from that, They only need OWA management here.

Now Add On manager contains two big buttons (Manage Add Ons and Manage Settings). I think, It will make some delay on the default process.

Shall we remove this page and direct the users to Manager Add Ons directly?

Just create a SETTING ICON in the right side corner and link that to Manage Settings page. So if anyone wants setting then they will easily click that button and will change that.


Nice suggestion @suthagar23 @dkayiwa I like this idea, what do you think?

If no one in the community objects, then you can go for it.

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It seems very nice after the updates :slight_smile:

There are some feedback on the current implementation,

  • Here, while we are uploading the Add-On zip file, We can still click on buttons or trigger some other actions(Assume click setting button). It may break the Add-On installation process. So shall we prevent this triggers while uploading and installing OWA? - The best way is showing some loading Popups to the user until the actions completed.

  • I can’t clear the owa selection using the CLEAR button. Can you please check it once?

  • The location selection part in the OpenMRS header should be improved. It seems some problems in the style.

If you have time, please consider these suggestions :slight_smile: CC : @dkayiwa, @kingisaac95, @millicent

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Thanks very much @suthagar23

The concerns you raised are correct and we have addressed them in this ticket.

Thanks @suthagar23 for the feedback, We’ll work on this.

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@suthagar23 this PR fixes the issues you mentioned.

You can download the zip file in the ticket page that I shared above and test it on modules-refapp