Add-On Manager OWA 1.0.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of the Add-On manager OWA in version 1.0.0. The Add-on manager is an OWA curated for the management of Add-ons and Modules. The OWA is developed and maintained by @Andela Apprentices with a team of solid contributors who have seen this release come to the light. The Add-On manager was developed using front-end tech stack exclusively, which means there is no server side code in it. It uses React and REST.

The project uses npm for package management, bower for dependency management and webpack for building. We also employed travis-ci for testing and deployed the final release to Coveralls was also used for test coverage monitoring of the project.

The Add-on manager can be used to perform the following functionalities:

  • Install OWA’s and platform Modules,
  • Upgrade OWA’s and platform Modules
  • Viewing Add-On and Module Interfaces
  • Stop and start OWA’s and Modules running on the OpenMRS platform.
  • Delete Add-Ons and Modules
  • Check for Add-On and Module Updates
  • Start Add-Ons and Modules in the event that they are not running

For one to use the application they need to have Open Web Application module from version 1.9.0 and rest web services module from version 2.22.0. While the focus was made to create a great tool to manage the installation and management of Open Web Applications and Platform Modules, the tool also serves to be of great documentation on how the users should be able to use the application.

The documentation on how to use the tool is embedded in the app and more details can be found here. Just click on the support button in the top right corner of the homepage and then navigate to help guide to find usage guidelines.

Different @Andela developers have worked on the projects with the assistance of @dkayiwa who has been an awesome Technical Team Lead. There is still more work and we are looking for active feedback from the community to continue improving on the platform.

Read Blog here

Link for zipped file download

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Congrats and Thanks @Andela team for your valuable contributions.

I think, you forgot about the modules here(you only mentioned about OWAs) :smile:.

Install OWA’s, Upgrade OWA’s

Add-On Manager can support OWA as well as the modules also, So it should be changed as AddOns (OWAs and Modules) in the blog also.

CC : @dkayiwa

*Manager slight typo in post title, @waweru

Thank you for your observation.

:grinning: fixed!

This is awesome! Keep up the great work Andela and @dkayiwa for your leadership.

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