Add On Manager OWA 1.0.0-beta released !

We are happy to announce the release of the Add On manager OWA in version 1.0.0-beta!

The add-on manager open web app, is an OpenMRS tool used to manage add-ons i.e install, upgrade, delete, start, stop, and more

The app requires the following modules to be installed:

  • rest web services module version 2.22.0

  • owa module version 1.9.0

The documenation on how to use the tool is embedded in the app. Just click on the support button in the top right corner of the homepage and the navigate to help guide to find usage guidelines

It is one of the Open Web Apps for OpenMRS. It was developed using front-end tech stack exclusively, which means there is no server side code in it. It uses React and REST.

The project uses npm and bower for dependency management and webpack for building. We also employed travis-ci for testing and deploying releases to We have also used coveralls for test coverage

We had the Andela team working on this project as solid contributors, these include: @patlub @malmike @elbertbiggs360 @justmesam @charpell @annettesunday @mkiterian @tolupatrick004 Thank you to @dkayiwa for being our awesome Technical Team Lead and the community for your consistent input.

There is still more work. Stay tuned for a separate announcement on getting the app to the final release!

Link to zipped beta file on Bintray:


Hey guys, this tool is still in beta version so feel free to try it out and get back to us with any feedback regarding bugs, improvements, or anything else and we’ll be glad to respond accordingly.


Glad to see the updates :smiley:
Really awesome open web app design to manage AddOns.

I checked it locally, there might some issues to be fixed

  1. It displayed “Download or Install” button for already installed OWAs (for modules, it works perfectly).
  2. Does “Delete” button in the view work? It threw an error Uncaught TypeError: e.handleAddonDelete is not a function
  3. Getting an error while the initial load as GET http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ws/rest/owa/allowModuleWebUpload

New Suggestion :

Can we remove the Enter button request for the module search, and automate that part while user typing? We can start fetching from the 3rd or 5th character of the word. (if there are any strong reasons for the enter button request, then please ignore this one :slight_smile: )

CC : @dkayiwa

Thanks @suthagar23 for the feedback. We are looking into this issues right away.

As for the error on the initial load, if you are running it locally it seems you don’t have the updated version of the module open web apps(OWA). Just update the OWA module and the error should go away. Also, it should be working fine on the ref app.

That’s make sense :slight_smile: I need to update my OWA