Add FHIR to the OpenMRS technical roadmap?

Hi everyone,

(Attn. @paul and @burke and the usual suspects…)

As our work with FHIR progresses, i’m trying to figure out how to get FHIR onto our technical roadmap, and make it a bundled module. We anticipate that a lot of significant FHIR work will be completed by the end of August 2015 as part of GSoC. Given this, we would be in a fine position to make FHIR a bundled module released under OpenMRS 2.3 (slated to be released in September 2013).

I know that we’re still some way from making this a reality, but i’d like to discuss this because,

  1. If we don’t start thinking about making FHIR a bundled module right way, it will NEVER happen. Making FHIR a part of OpenMRS 2.3 is not an absolute must… it’s just a target to work towards.

  2. Even though we don’t have any implementations using FHIR yet, having it as a core module will encourage adoption, which is something we’d really want to do :smile:



Don’t you mean September 2015 :wink:

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These types of issues are discussed in the weekly project management meetings, which all are welcome to join.

See Project Management Meeting page.

FYI – I would support this. :burke: :thumbsup:

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I’d think that the idea would be to add FHIR support to the OpenMRS Platform releases (and by extension to the application releases also).

Looking forward to discussing!

Definitely it would be great to add FHIR module to platform releases. Implementer may not switch to FHIR within short period time as it’s brand new standard. Standard itself still under go with some severe changes, so it will take some time to mature the specification itself. If we align the module with the latest changes of the specification and encourage implementers to try it out will definitely help to mature the FHIR module also. :slight_smile:

Precisely. The goal from the beginning was that FHIR would sit right next to RESTWS, adding to the suite of web service options for the platform.

Thanks everyone, So @jthomas reached out to me about getting this topic on a project management meeting. I’d suggested that we put it off to the week after as I have a bunch of exams coming up next week :frowning:


FYI – we added FHIR to the road map today.

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Awesome, this is how it should work.