Add custom fields while admit and discharge

As of now , admit patient has only one input field Admit Notes . I need to add new field in that form .

I have added concept for this . and modified the dashboard part to newly created concept to my new concept . . “dashboard”: { “translationKey”: “DASHBOARD_TAB_GENERAL_KEY”, “conceptName”:“video_url”

Still the form looks same .

Please help me in achieving the same .

Interesting - do you mind if I ask Venkat just out of curiosity, what is the new field you need to add?

It just so happens we were recently debating how hard-coded the content of the Visit Note form should be, so this is why I’m curious :slight_smile:

I want to add tele - consultation video link while admitting patient .

Actually my functionality is entirely different . I am using bed management for waiting room and consultation room in tele - consultation .

I have requirement to put patient into waiting room , and then consultation room as and when available . So I need to add releveant data for these .

Not sure if I am doing the right thing .

Do suggest me if I hava a better approach .

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That’s a creative work-around! Thank you for sharing. @pradiptakundu might you have any advice?