Add Concept to Nutritional Values in patient dashboard

Hello, I have created a concept called MUAC (Mid Upper Arm Circumference), and I using the concepts in Openmrs I have managed to make it appear in the Visit Attributes page. I want this new concept to appear in the dashboard, below Weight and Height in Nutritional Values, I have modified the Dashboard.json and I have added there my new Concept MUAC, but it does not appear. How do I make it appear? Thank you Woldia

Whats the configuration for dashboard?

I do not know, why would it be useful?

Hi Gonz, The concept has to be explicitly specified in the nutritional values display control in dashboard.json to show it there. Like here in the default config

Also, the name specified in the config has to be fully specified name of the concept

I think I have done that, the fully specified name is MUAC, and in the dashboard.json I have added “MUAC” below BMI, but it does not work, what am I missing?

I am in this same position after 2years. any pointers?

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