Add bahmni program enrollment changes

Hi guys,

I am integrating the bahmni enrollment changes at aeb460625de229de1581830c68d054b3caa40e94 into the rest web services, I’ve been stuck with this error (error log) for the last 1 hour, any sort of help on this will be appreciated.


What openmrs platform version are you referencing in the sub project that has the ProgramEnrollmentResource2_2 resource?

The version is 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Did you compile your platform changes with? mvn clean install

If you did, was the compilation successful?

In the meantime, can you commit all your changes, so far, such that i try reproducing it locally.

I compiled that changes and got the error in the log I have added, the compilation failed, I’ve committed all the changes made, it’s in the repo: pull request

Did you see this compilation error in your platform changes? “[34,36] error: incompatible types: PatientProgram cannot be converted to Integer”

No I didn’t get that error, let me try again

I found the error, it’s in the core. I’ve fixed it but now I have a different error.

What is the different error?

Can you first commit all your local changes such that i try to reproduce this locally?

pull from the core, I’ve pushed the changes there in the branch 4755, I haven’t modified the rest web services.

So does this mean that now your openmrs-core compiles successfully with mvn clean install?

If yes, can you cross check that all your rest web services local changes are committed and pushed to the pull request?

the core compiles successfully now, my rest web services changes all pushed to the PR

I found a missing change, I’ve pushed it just now.

I just pulled your rest module changes and this is what i get on compiling.

cannot find symbol symbol: variable PROGRAM_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_UUID location: class

I hope you know the cause.

I know the cause, it’s the new file I just added.