Add a new form in Clinical Dashboard


I’ve manually created a new ObsFrom which fits my needs for a specific task (e.g. capturing immunization).

I would like to know, how I can add this form in the Patient Dashboard (general tab) and see there all the vaccines taken by this patient (e.g. like Vitals, History and Examination, etc.)

Regards, Albion

  1. Please use the latest Form2.0 form builder for creating the forms in Bahmni (Implementer Interface).
  2. When you build Forms in Bahmni, it needs the backing “concepts” that will be used in the form to hold the values. A form is basically a collection/view created on top of these “concepts” or “clinical elements”.
  3. See this wiki page on Form2.0, and see the 3 Youtube overview videos associated on this page:

This should hopefully help you convert your manual form into a digital form in Bahmni. Once the Form is PUBLISHED, it will become available in the Clinical->Consultation->Observations->Add new form screen.