Adapting existing module

Hello OpenMRS forum. I have a question regarding the modules and i can’t find the answer on the site or in the other question. Is it possible to adapt an existing module to our own needs inside the openMRS software or do we need to ‘rewrite’ the code? We would like to add a couple of tabs and white text boxes in the “Registration App Module”. I hope this isn’t a stupid question, i’m sorry if it is :blush: .

Can you share a sketch of what exactly you are trying to achieve to better support you

We are helping an eye hospital with their digitalisation. So we would like to adjust some modules to their specific terminology. For example : on the “clinician facing” page, we would like to add a tab like “clinical vitals” and than change the words like 'height" into “Lens”, “Fundus”… Since we are student who aren’t familiar with programming languange, we are wondering if it is possible to make these kind of changes in the program itself?

@juliedht it is possible.

Hi @juliedht, from the top of my head here, the vitals widget is just a compact and read-only version of the vitals form. So should you change that form the widget would reflect it.

There are multiple ways to achieve in-app reporting through widgets anyway. As the name hints the Reference Application is the basis for a typical (yet simple) reference use case of OpenMRS. It can be configured and customised to be very different than what it looks on the demo servers.

If your bottom line is that you don’t want to write any custom code, there “should” be ways to start off the Ref App and configure it to your needs. But it goes without saying that it depends on the needs.