action required: cleanup old jira issues

Hello all :slight_smile:

we have > 400 issues that where created before 2015 that are unresolved, some of which are ready for work which is dangerous. We get new contributors who waste time working on issues which are not relevant anymore or which have stale information. Later on we cannot properly review the PRs because the reviewers dont remember why this issue was needed, and have no context. This is frustrating for both sides.

Please set aside some time to look at old issues, start by filtering issues that relate to you or were created by you and update or close them.

Just 10 minutes/week for a few weeks and our jira will be fresh as a summer breeze :blush:

I’m just cc’ing a few people here not to single out anyone but since we should lead by example @burke, @darius, @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @raff, @wyclif, @bwolfe, @jeremy (counting myself in as well :wink: )
thank you very much!!!


Great initiative @teleivo.

To save people precious seconds, and let them get right into the work, here are some pre-built JIRA query links:

  1. Start with OpenMRS Core tickets: project = “OpenMRS Core” and reporter = currentUser() and resolution is empty order by created asc
  2. Then everything else: project != “OpenMRS Core” and reporter = currentUser() and resolution is empty order by created asc

It would be nice to have a common decision about what to do if you created an issue long ago, and it’s still “true”, but you personally no longer care about it. Here is an example for me. In the past we would tend to keep these tickets around, but perhaps at this point we should start closing them (as Change Request Cancelled or Won’t Fix). For this particular example I’m going to lower the priority for now.

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Very nice @teleivo :slight_smile:

And because people forget, you could even send out a reminder every month or less.

Thanks @teleivo!

And thanks @darius for creating the shortcut and getting at what is a similar issue for me… I haven’t reviewed yet, but I suspect that I will find many that fall in the category “still a bug/still a missing feature, but not one I care about anymore”. Will see what happens when I start to go through them.