Accessing code for OpenMRS android app

Android App source code

Question: We would like to extend the current android app to interface with KenyaEMR. We realized that it works with reference app by default and was wondering if small tweaks could actually enable it connect to KenyaEMR instances and be able to access forms and submit filled ones.

Kindly help us understand whether this is a possibility and any additional guide that will enable us reuse the community app.

Regards, Antony

You might want to post this in the #software:android-client category…

Thanks Darius.

Hi Antony,

Yes, it should work just fine. I’d suggest starting from upgrading to the latest version of and see if you can connect. On login it is also required to have login locations in your system. Do they load for you when you enter your server url?

We have many active contributors to the OpenMRS Android Client, who could help you out… @avijitghosh82, @shivtej, @defcon (just to mention a few). Do you have a public and up to date demo server of KenyaEMR, which they could use to try to connect?

The source code is at and we welcome pull requests.

@raff am very grateful for your response. KenyaEMR does not use reference app still and it has no login locations configured yet. Can the client connect to other instances of OpenMRS other than reference app?

I downloaded the app and put KenyaEMR server URL but the app could not even get past the login page. I am not sure of the requirements before it can connect to a server.

We have a test server that we can gladly share login credentials.

@aojwang, it basically requires in the latest version. Unfortunately, the login page requires login locations, but the code could be easily modified to not require them, if they are not used/configured.

Some parts of code may require reference application metadata, but that could be probably imported into your system once identified. I can’t say off hand what metadata is needed.

If you share url and credentials to the test server, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you get it working.