Access Denied while installing Bahmni 0.92

Hello Community

I am currently installing Bahmni on our production environment. I have created a new user and added it to the wheel group and also to the sudoers file. However when I tried to import the setup file using Curl I keep getting the Permission Denied error as shown below.

$ sudo curl -L >> /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml
-bash: /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml: Permission denied

I installed the Bahmni Installer from the same user account without any issues

$ sudo yum install
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror

What could be causing this, I don’t wan to run into the same problem once I fire the installer. The reason I created a separate user is because our security policy prohibits the execution and installation of any application with root user.

The CURL command just downloads a sample inventory file. You can either copy the URL from the browser, or just create another inventory file locally as well. We anyway suggest that you edit and use a reflective inventory file for your implementation.

The permission denied is probably because the new-user does not write permission to /etc/bahmni-installer/ directory. You can either use “bahmni” or “root” user. (its one-time activity anyway)

Thanks for your response @angshuonline, I’m aware the command just copies a file, which I can do manually. I was just worried that I might run into permission issues while the installer runs. Installing with root is not an option unfortunately, even though it’s a once off activity