About OpenMRS Uganda Implementers meeting Scholarships

Hi all

Wish you all a great day. I applied for the Uganda Implementers meeting scholarship some months ago and didn’t get any feedback. Lately I noticed the form was modified(an email field was added), though the date for scholarship applications had already ended I still submitted the form again. I also applied for the google $500 travel stipend and google has responded positively. I currently don’t have a passport and was thinking to use part of the $500 to secure a passport. But I also intend to return Google’s money if my scholarship application is rejected as $500 will not be enough to cover up all costs. And to obtain a passport here in Cameroon takes some time. I wouldn’t want to start using the money to secure a passport and end up realizing that I can’t travel, that will make me look bad to Google.

That been said I would like to let you know that it will be a great honor to attend this meeting. I did very well in my GSoC project and I am still contributing to the project and plan mentor GCI 2016. I believe if I attend this meeting I will learn a lot and will be able to spread word back here Cameroon. But I also understand that currently OpenMRS is low on funds.

Thanks Ivange Larry N.

Hey @ivange94,

Your query was picked up and is being looked into. We will try to get back to you latest by the end of the week.

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