about creating a new module

Application Name: Platform Version Number: 2.0.5

Question: Hello guys, i am willing to made a module about drug adherence, and i have a couple questions bellow (i am a newbie so there may be some stupid questions ^^’’):

  • if i want to code a module, do i need to develop it with jee or i can use something else like node.js
  • after finishing the module and the web app, am i going to be able to access it on the main menu of the legacy ui ? o i need to made a whole ui module of m own?

If you want to work with javascript, you might want to implement it as an open web app, see here for how to author an open web apps.

do u mean that i can extend openmrs api by using node.js ? and about the ui (owa) is it possible to show my costum web app entery in the main dashboard of the legacy ui ?

You can’t extend the java api via node js.

What do you mean by main dashboard of the legacy UI? FYI, there is more active development around the new UI so you might want to extend functionality in the new UI rather than the legacy UI if you are running the reference application.

  • i ment having my own app on this menu bellow:

  • can u provide me with a link about of this new UI ??

Hi @mouad,

Those are ‘apps’ that can be added to the main dashboard via a JSON resource saved in ./omod/src/main/resources/apps/


Bringing in an app button through a module is easy enough, but then the question is more about what you would like to happen when the users clicks on the app button?

oh… thank you, i am trying to build a module that helps doctors see if the patient has taken his meds in time or not… when he missed or skipped one of his drugs.

@wyclif can you please give me some details about the new UI (link …)

For details on how to add an app outside of an openmrs module see here, the extension point id is org.openmrs.referenceapplication.homepageLink that allows you to add an app to the home page.

thank you @wyclif ^^