A provider is retire then also i am able to schedule an appointment on his name.

I have retired provider from openmrs GUI then also i am able to book patients appointment with retire provider. Is their any other Configuration that i have to do.? That provider shouldn’t be shown in Provider list.

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Hi Mayank! Thanks for pointing this out. We accounted for not showing the deleted providers, but we missed the retired ones. We will fix this issue. You can track its status on Jira with this Card.

This was already taken care as part of pull request BAH-404. Can get it in next 90 patch release if product can merge this.

While we are looking at this, I would like to highlight that Appointment scheduling shows System providers as well. For example: LAB SYSTEM, Superman, UNKNOWN, Automation. Also, if a hospital has added nurses as providers so that they can capture certain Obs forms, then those also show up as Providers in appointments module. This leads to confusion and potential errors.

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I suggest that there should be a Provider Attribute Type like “AllowAppointments” which is set to False by default. Appointment scheduling should show only those providers which have this attribute set to True.

See attached mockup


@pkanchankar This is part of BAH-404 already i.e. 0.91. But this is not part of 0.90.

Hi Pankaj,

You are right in pointing that out. We are playing a story to filter the list of providers that are visible on the drop down while booking appointments. This will be done using the Provider attributes as you have suggested

Here is a link to the card on Jira:

Here is also a link to the discussion happening on it on Talk:

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As a side note this is also being fixed as part of RESTWS-696.