A guide for new users?

Hello, I’m a new user from Syria. I’m a first year resident at the Surgical Kidney Hospital in Damascus, Syria. I’m not really sure how to start using the service. Can it be used on android browsers?? If there is a guide for new users I would appreciate it.

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You are welcome @baselqarabash. I hope Guide for the New and Curious 2.0 - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki will be helpful.


Welcome @baselqarabash, great to e-meet you. Thanks so much for reaching out.

Can you tell us a bit more about what problems you’re hoping to solve by using the system? E.g. how you hope to use it, any particular patient care challenges you’re hoping it will make easier?

I can think of a few ideas w.r.t. android use and point of care options for you, but knowing a bit more about your goals would be helpful :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you again.


Hello! In the hospital I work for, we still depend exclusively on paperwork, computers are used only for admissions and stuff like that. So when someone wants to know something about a patient he has to be in the hospital and he has to find his file and search for what he wants. Another example is when we want to update our superiors of something important, we have to call the superior (who might be sleeping and not answer). So I was hoping to distribute a cloud-based app/website on all the staff and whenever something happens with a patient we update his cloud-based file and every other staff can see in real time what happened to this particular patient.

I hope I explained well what I’m hoping to accomplish. Thanks for your kindness!

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Hi @baselqarabash!

It sounds like you’re trying to decide if OpenMRS is a good solution for your hospital - and what it might take to implement it as well.

To get an idea of what OpenMRS can do, I recommend taking a look at our demo and our End User Guide for the Reference Application.

If you decide that you want to know more about how to implement OpenMRS, I suggest you then go through our Implementer Guide. This will take you through what you’ll need to do in order to make OpenMRS your own, from requirements to customizing OpenMRS to installation.

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Thanks for your help!

I’m sorry but I’m still not sure if it can work on mobile phones, can you please provide me with a link to read about this issue?

Hi everyone. I am Ivan. I am new to Open Source Software development. I am trying to set up git but I am getting a message that shows something is not right. Would someone please help!

@ibukenya looks like first, the repo you’re cloning was already cloned, please delete it to clone it again.

Then for the second attempt, it says the repository you are trying to clone doesnt exist, kindly make sure you copy the right link from the repository on github.

Kindly try out the following



To guide you further


Sure! it does work on Android. For implementation purpose we have this guide and the user guide is on this repository https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-android-client-user-guide just incase you desire more help and someone to guide you through @saurabh is always ready and happy to do so. Incase you need an implementors experience feel free to reach out to @ssmusoke, @slubwama from UgandaEMR and @mssavai from KenyaEMR for mUzima.

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