📣 2023-10-05: UgandaEMR Plus Showcase & Demo!

For two weeks in August, UgandaEMR developers, along with @dennis, came together for a hackathon focused on expanding UgandaEMR to meet the needs of over 1,900 health facilities where it is used. The results? A point-of-care O3 based system, UgandaEMR Plus includes more comprehensive workflows to support personalized care, IPD, bed management, and stock management - not just data management and reporting. One highlight that already piqued interest within the community: Client Registry search embedded in registration.

Want to learn and see more? Join us this week for a special UgandaEMR team showcase & demo!

When: Thursday, October 5 at 7:30pm IST | 4:30pm Nairobi | 3:30pm Cape Town | 1:30pm UTC | 9:30am Boston | 6:30am Seattle.

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom


Couldn’t join us last Thursday to hear all about UgandaEMR+ ? Joined us and wanted to hit rewind and watch the demo again?

This is the recording you’ve been looking for!