2023-09-27: Global Events/Marketing (GEM) Team: Country Engagement

Hi everyone!

At this week’s meeting, let’s talk about how we might better engage and collaborate with countries when planning OpenMRS events, like OMRS24.

Who: Anyone who is interested in or has experience organizing and planning OpenMRS Events, including virtual community meetings and in-person annual OpenMRS conferences. @christine @erica @wodpachua

When: Wednesday, September 27 at 7:30pm IST | 5 pm Nairobi | 4 pm Cape Town | 2 pm UTC | 10 am Boston | 7am Seattle.

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom


Thanks @wodpachua and @erica for a fantastic discussion during our Global Events/Marketing meeting! You really are GEMs :grin:

For those who missed today’s gathering, we discussed and shared some ideas around how to effectively engage with a diverse group of organizations and stakeholders to plan and organize our annual conferences, specifically OMRS24. This is critical if we want countries to really drive and own these community events.

Here’s a snapshot of what we discussed, with two items marked for action. You can also dive into the comments, add your own thoughts/ideas, and propose topics for upcoming GEM meetings - all on our Metro Retro board, by responding to this post, or in our #global-events Slack channel.