2022-06-15 Webinar: Layering & Reusing FHIR Implementation Guides

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Digital Square at PATH invites you to the ‘Layering and Reusing FHIR Implementation Guides’ webinar on Wednesday, June 15 at 9:00AM ET.

In this session, we’ll see how FHIR Implementation Guides can use the inheritance and packaging mechanisms of FHIR. Inheritance enables the acquisition of data members and properties from one class to another. ​In a previous session, we learned about Implementation Guides, which define a complete and robust FHIR adaptation. Implementation Guides can be segmented by content type and purpose: for a specific topic, project, country, region, or global specification. Here, we will examine how existing Implementation Guides can be adapted and reused for different types of data members and combined for more complex data collection.

Join us as we learn from practical examples showcasing the inheritance of Implementation Guides and explore its impact on FHIR specification.

Connect with the digital health community and gain actionable insights on FHIR.

Register Here: Meeting Registration - Zoom

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