2021-10-21: OS Project Partnership Models

A growing number of organizations are interested in contributing to OpenMRS. It’s time to delve into how we engage and partner with organizations. Some questions for us to think about include:

  • How do we engage with these organizations?
  • How can our own partnership model motivate organizations to contribute in ways that create value for everyone involved?
  • How do other open source projects and global goods do this?

This Thursday’s conversation looks at the partnership models of five open source projects and global goods.

  • Who do open source projects and global goods partner with?
  • What’s in it for partners?
  • What does the OS project & GG expect of the partner?
  • How does an organization become a partner?

When: Thursday, 21 October at 8:30pm IST | 6pm Nairobi | 5pm Cape Town | 3pm UTC | 11am Boston | 8am Seattle

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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