2021-08-10: QA Support Team Call: Tech Progress & Finish OpenMRS Automation Inventory

Friendly reminder: QA Support call is this week Tuesday at 9:30 pm IST | 7 pm Nairobi | 6 pm Cape Town | 4 pm UTC| 12 pm Boston | 9 am Seattle.

Where: The call is on zoom on this link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

What: Christine is away this week, but we’ve got a full agenda:

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Well done @kdaud and @insookwa , Hello @grace thanks for the updates, it seems one youtube link is not working .

@kdaud can you mark your video “Public”? Seems it’s set to “Private” on YouTube

The url changed and opted rather too make the video public here!

cc: @sharif @jnsereko @jwnasambu @insookwa @hadijah315 @suruchi @gracebish @jayasanka @mherman22 @jonathan @ndacyayisenga


interesting video for the automated tests. I just need to grasp the terminologies and the technologies used then see how to proceed

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