2021-08-03: QA Support Team Call

This week we resume our QA Support call, which is scheduled today and every Tuesday at 9:30 pm IST | 7 pm Nairobi | 6 pm Cape Town | 4 pm UTC| 12 pm Boston | 9 am Seattle.

All community members are welcome to join the call and be a part of the team that sets up the community QA framework.

The call is on zoom on this link: https://iu.zoom.us/j/895298620?pwd=SFNmQUIvT0tRaHlDaVYrN3l5bzJVQT09

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@christine I apologise I won’t make it for today’s call. Three of my tests are failing and am trying to fix am already past my set time which is disturbing me. Kindly accept my apology!

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Hey @jwnasambu, no worries. Do you need any technical support?

Thanks @christine for the concern. I had a 1:1 sync with @ibacher and we discovered the issue is with the RestAPI which is blocking the created concepts from being imported to the dictionary though he tried fixing the issue but it was overwhelming. I believe, he will fix it soon and all the tests will pass. Thanks to @jayasanka too for the point out and @ibacher for your time.


It’s great to hear that you have fixed the issue, @jwnasambu ! Thanks for all your hard work!

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