2021-07-08: Mentor Office Hours

What’s this about? This is a time and space to advance a culture of mentoring in our community by:

  • Connecting with other OpenMRS mentors
  • Sharing mentoring tools and resources
  • Asking questions about mentorship techniques and tools
  • Discussing ways to succeed as a mentor

If you are interested in discussing a particular mentorship topic or challenge, please share in this thread.

Suggested Topic for This Week: The difference between structured & unstructured mentorship. This article about Why Your Mentorship Program Isn’t Working gives us some insight into what makes GSoC and our fellowship program different from more casual mentorship experiences.

Who: Fellow mentors, GSoC mentors, and anyone in the community interested in mentoring others and/or improving our dev stages. @grace @dkayiwa @k.joseph @hadijah315 @mozzy @herbert24 @kdaud @sharif @suruchi @jwnasambu @ibacher @sidvaish97 @bistenes @dkibet @dkigen @gcliff @rishabh997 @isears @akshika47 @joachimjunior @settix @insookwa @gracebish

When: Thursday, 8 July at 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 1pm Boston | 10am Seattle

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom