2021-04-15: Microfrontend Squad Call

Friendly reminder: Our next Microfrontend Squad call is this Thursday at 11am EDT / 8am PDT / 4pm CET / 6pm EAT / 3pm UTC.

:calling: Join info: https://om.rs/zoommf

Let’s try something new on our Squad call this Thursday. Let’s go through the MF Jira board together at https://om.rs/mfboard.

Before our squad call: Please review the board link above and make sure any work you’re doing right now is roughly accurately captured here. This will help our call be a lot more efficient, and will hopefully also help us quickly unblock people where needed. Why: This will show everyone a high level summary of what all is actively being worked on right now, and it will also help us systematically review each key work theme (epic).

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