2021-03-26: Working Session: Improving our Getting Started with Microfrontends Guide

Hey everyone!

Along with @grace, @florianrappl, @dkigen, and others, we’re working on an outline + content for a “Getting Started with Microfrontends” Guide.

This week, we’ll have a working session to get a stronger sense of the needs of developers new to microfrontends and brainstorm ideas for improving the current draft.

Who: @joachimjunior @vasharma05 @ujjwaltyagi355 @grace and anyone interested in improving our Getting Started with 3.0 Guide.

When: Friday, March 26 at 8:30pm IST | 6pm Nairobi | 5pm WAT | 3pm UTC | 11am Boston | 8am Seattle

Where: https://om.rs/zoomdesign


Thannk you @jennifer. Well received.

Thank you @jennifer ! Duly noted.

Thank you so much @vasharma05 @joachimjunior @ujjwaltyagi355 @nkumar for joining today and all the work you’ve already done to help make this guide better, and to help make the onboarding experience better for other people. I’ve added all your content from your Google Doc into this Mother draft doc here (let’s use this one for comments and suggested edits): DRAFT MFE Getting Started Guide (MOTHER) - Google Docs

If you’re not sure about an edit you’d like to make, you can use Google Doc’s “Suggestions” feature. This allows us to see your work and “approve it”. You can turn on the suggestions feature up at the top right, and it will show change suggestions like this:


It was all our pleasure to work and collaborate :smile:

Thanks to all the members of the meeting for your support and time.

It’s so nice to have your support!

So later today, Jen and I realized there is one more task that would be so helpful to have your help on (CC @vasharma05 @joachimjunior @ujjwaltyagi355): Here is a video description of that task: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Let me know what you guys think of this and if you’d be up for working on this as well :slight_smile:


Sure @grace! We’ll cover this task as well.

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Sure @grace,
We will start working on this one right away. :+1:

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Thanks so much @vasharma05 and @ujjwaltyagi355 !

@jennifer did we have a plan to reconnect all-together again soon?


Hi @grace, We didn’t talk about it in the last meeting. But I think it would be great if we could meet same time this week. This works for me.