2020-11-05: Strategy and Operations

Hi everyone!

This week’s Strategy and Operations meeting will check in on:

  • Advisory Council debrief + next steps
  • How do we set up our Strategic Framework for Investment and Coordination so people can use it?
  • CY21 Operational Planning
  • Fundraising Updates (yes, we have some)

Please see the full agenda for details and to add your own suggestions.

Who? Anyone in the community - especially those who are interested in strategic and operational issues that affect our community.

When? Thursday, 5 November 2020 at 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle

Times in bold are updated to account for the end of Daylight Saving Time in the US, Canada, and anywhere else crazy enough to turn the clock back and forth twice a year.

To add this meeting to your calendar, click on the link above and add your preferred email address to the guest list.

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